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Crunchy Chiro | Injury Recall Technique (IRT) | Erase Past Injuries

What Is Injury Recall Technique (IRT)?

Injury recall technique is a technique to erase the neurological memory of past injuries which often interfere with normal healing, allowing subluxations to return. When a tissue is injured, the body places a high priority on its healing.

What to Expect

Some common injuries Dr. Kristin sees include car accidents, whiplash, surgeries, broken bones, and low back pain (ligaments).  One of the biggest impact tools that she found in her Specialized Kinesiology training over the last decade has been Injury Recall Technique. This technique is very powerful and very simple, and painless. It removes the tension in the body that results from an event or an injury by releasing the body's memory of the injury or trauma.

Dr. Kristin works with patients to assess and clear these injuries out of their system. Patients typically experience greater range of motion and less tension in the body.

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